Monday, March 27, 2017

1998s are UP and 2009s are DOWN

I'm going to give it some time before I officially make some changes to the price listings but it seems the 1998 Holiday Barbies are making a bit of a combat for whatever reason, if I had to guess it's probably due to they're close to their 20 year anniversary.  On the up side though, the 2009 Holiday Barbies are going down.  I've found a few that people are only asking for $30 for a brand new in box Barbie, whereas it's usually one of the more expensive ones.

The 1998 Holiday Barbie is quite a surprise though, it was an over-saturated Barbie, though pretty, tanked the market along with the 1996 and 1997s... and so on up until around 2002 where the Market seemed to balance a bit more.  Seeing the asking prices becoming $100 to $200 for one of these is more, than high, it's a huge leap from the mere $20 people were asking for not even a few months ago.

So that being said, again I'll watch this for a little bit before I make any major changes as the market can jump around quite quickly, this might just be a fluke for right now, only time will tell.

As for the 2017 Holiday Barbies, still no word yet, which isn't surprisingly given that it's still only March.  We may not see any sign of the new designs until this Summer or just before the release date for that matter, Mattel does like to keep up the anticipation so something to look forward to in the coming months!!

Happy collecting everyone!