Monday, May 12, 2014

Working through all the changes

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These past 12 months have been very difficult to move through.

It has put a temporary halt on our Holiday Barbie search and caused us to reconsider how we're going to go about resuming it.

With the unexpected lost of my father last August, the surprise pregnancy of our 3rd child due this August, and this incredible weather we've been experiencing our wallet has been taking a major hit.

I've been long awaiting the end of this dreaded winter, but it didn't seem to come until the beginning of May, much later than what was expected, and now trying to grab every last thing for our new addition, budgeting for Holiday Barbies has been extremely tight.

Not surprisingly, our sales have plummeted for our cell cases, so it has been putting a harder squeeze on our cash flow so there has been no room to breathe for the collection.

In anticipation of this we've even set up an exclusive BOGO sale on our cases, making the entire store:  
Buy 2 - Get 1 50% Off at this link:

 Although, not to worry, we're still on the search and keeping an eye out for the best deals on the missing collection pieces, we're just crossing our fingers that we don't miss out while we wait for this financial storm to lift!

Please feel free to browse our eBay Store: Artsy Cell Cases and take advantage of our BOGO sale!

Remember, this is an exclusive BOGO sale that we specifically made for you, our wonderful viewers!  You can view our store anytime but to take avantage of the BOGO make sure you visit this specific link: or click the picture above (linked to the same BOGO sale).

Have a great day everyone! ^_^