Saturday, March 9, 2013

2000 Celebration Barbie

 photo 2000-celebration-barbie-3_zps8d57aa77.jpg
This was the first Barbie released in the 'Celebration' series, but the Celebration series didn't last all that long.  Shortly after 2003, it went back to the Holiday Barbie series.

However, this Barbie was released in replacement of the Holiday Barbie for the year 2000.
Much like the Millennium Princess, it came with a Christmas Ornament that reads '2000' in celebration of the new century.

Her hair is very different compared to other Holiday Barbies as it's so platinum, it's almost pure white.  Her hair though compliments her silver and gold dress making her a stunning addition to the collection!

1999 Blonde Millennium Princess Barbie with Swirl Background

 photo 19991_zpscbaf369e.jpg
The 1999 Millennium Princess Barbie with the Swirl Background is oldest of the releases within this year.

The original release was just a plain silver background with sparkles sprinkled all over it but there was no real pattern or style besides this.  About a month after being released, however, it was then re-released with the classic swirls to help celebrate the new year and is now one of the most common Holiday Barbies available.

1999 Teresa Millennium Princess

 photo 1999-millenium-princess-teresa_zps700eb622.jpg
Starting in 1999, the Happy Holidays Barbie line changed into the 'Millennium Princess'.  It was only for this year though to celebrate the new century to come.

This is also the year the first 'Teresa' edition was added to the Holiday Barbie collection.  There were many brunettes but they were still considered 'Barbie'.  The best way to explain it is, Barbie had her hair dyed for a few years and then went back to Blonde.  Teresa, in the collection, is 'Barbie's Best Friend'.  She has her own standard look that sets her apart from the normal Barbie line.

On top of the brunette hair, this edition was dressed in an evergreen dress with silver inlay whereas the original Blonde Barbie is dressed in a velvet blue dress.

This version also comes with a Christmas ornament that can be hung on your own home Christmas tree. 

2010 Holiday Barbie with Necklace finally obtained!

 photo 2010wnecklace2_zpsbfc0dc63.jpg
After much patience, I finally was able to locate another 2010 Blonde Holiday Barbie with the Exclusive Necklace.

After the previous loss, it was very difficult to locate this Barbie, but it was necessary for the collection.

As odd at is seems, these Barbies, the ones with the necklace included, are the rarest Barbies to find.
 Most have been opened and are used because of this included necklace.  My own daughter has a hard time not looking at it and talking about 'wearing' the necklace one day.  Thankfully though, she knows better then to try and open the box, but I'll be on the hunt later on for this necklace outside the box, much like I'm searching for other Barbies who are not in their original box but come with all their accessories (including their stand) to be put on display in front of their 'boxed' counterparts.

Acquiring all the unboxed Barbies and accessories removes the temptation to open the ones in the box.