Sunday, February 26, 2017

2016 Holiday Barbies for SALE on Barbie Collector Website!

Well the year has come and gone and we're already entering the 3rd month of 2017...

Although there is no word on the style of the 2017 Holiday Barbie, stores are still working to sell out of their left over 2016 collections!

This includes Mattel themselves on their website.

This website was originally created for serious collectors but it's available to everyone who has an interest in the Barbie series!  On top of their very limited editions, they also include the more common Barbie dolls which also include the Holiday Barbie collections.  They're listed under the 'Special Occasion Dolls' section but you can purchase all the Holiday Barbies directly from them at a sale price of a mere $34.99.  This might seem the way to go right now, just checking out the stores and ordering from stores directly instead of jumping right to eBay because at least you know, getting it from the store, it's in good/perfect shape because it's their inventory, and if it's not delivered up to your standards you're contacting a very confident company who will work to fix your issue for you.

So if you can't find a Barbie for the price you want, you can at least feel good about falling back on a confident seller, like the makers themselves!

Good luck everyone!