Sunday, September 17, 2017

2017 Holiday Barbie is here!

I know it's been awhile and it's been out for a few months now, but the 2017 Holiday Barbie IS out and I just wanted to take some time to talk about her.

She is certainly unique, I was shocked to see how beautiful it was, and the beautiful decorative gold and red accented star just behind her head.

Usually the Holiday Barbies have a new design in dress, maybe their hair is done up special or their face is signature of their artist, but this year she looks like a whole new Holiday Barbie.  In fact, if it didn't say Holiday Barbie, I'd never think she was part of the series because she stands out from all of them.

There are 3 different versions of her this year, the classic Caucasian blonde, African American and Brunette Latino, also known as Teresa in some areas.

Lowest is going for $39.95 at Wal-Mart and Target and of coarse, K-Mart.  You can probably also find them at Toys R Us!

Enjoy the hunt for this collection piece!

Happy Holidays!