Monday, September 5, 2016

Those looking for the best price on the 2016 Holiday Barbies - Stick to the stores!

I've been searching myself for the Holiday Barbie 2016 and I've gone to multiple stores, the ones I've actually found them sitting on the shelves are at my local K-Mart... and after watching the prices the last few months my only advice is, stick with the stores...

Right now K-Mart is selling them for $39.99... that might seem like a huge bump in price but if you go searching online, you will find a much steeper price.  After watching and waiting, I've seen the prices stay at $39.99 and above, some even charging shipping instead of offering Free Shipping with the purchases, this means you'd be paying more then if you stopped at your local stores....

Another advantage is you can see your purchase and inspection it up front at the stores.  Online has always been a risky buy when you are looking for something completely undamaged...

These particular barbies, with their new globe looking boxes, do have one small flaw.  The bottoms easily damaged.  They're not taped down like previous boxes which makes them much less secure.

When you go to the store, you can inspect the line of Barbies on display and pick the one you want without having to wonder, and that is what I personally did.

I have now the Blonde and Auburn 2016 Holiday Barbie on the shelves and both are in perfectly new condition.

If you are still waiting for a chance at a good price on these then I will let you know you may be waiting quite awhile (unless you get lucky with that special buy!!)   K-Mart waits until close to the end of the Christmas season to put these on sale, along with Wal-Mart and you just never know what's actually 'left' to buy.  I'm actually kind of expecting these to keep a nice price too because of how different they are.  I mean, their are multiple color of dresses, new box design and even an addition to the name, 'The Peace Love and Hope Collection" I mean that says a lot and who knows if they'll stick to this chain, which would make these the first edition in the collection.

Only time will tell but in the meantime if you're looking to grab these beauties now, make sure you take a trip to your local store first!