The Happy Holidays Barbie Check List

 This is a Check-List of all the Different kinds of Happy Holiday's Barbies my daughter is looking to collect!
Once her collection is complete, and she graduates from High School, 
these will go towards paying for her college degree!!
(Those that are scratched off, are ones that she's already collected!)
(Keep an eye on our blog to see which ones we're looking to get next!!) 

1. 1988 Barbie Happy Holiday Special Edition

2. 1989 Happy Holiday Barbie

3. 1990 Happy Holiday Barbie  
4. 1990 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)

5. 1991 Happy Holiday Barbie  
6. 1991 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)

7. 1992 Happy Holiday Barbie

8. 1992 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)
9. 1993 Happy Holiday Barbie  
10. 1993 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)
11. 1994 Happy Holiday Barbie  
12. 1994 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)
13. 1994 Happy Holiday Barbie (Special Festival Edition: Brunette)
14. 1995 Happy Holiday Barbie
15. 1995 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)

16. 1996 Happy Holiday Barbie  
17. 1996 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)

18. 1997 Happy Holiday Barbie (Blonde)  
19. 1997 Happy Holiday Barbie (Brunette)
20. 1997 Happy Holiday Barbie (Brunette w/GOLD Background)
21. 1997 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)

22. 1998 Happy Holiday Barbie
23. 1998 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)

24. 1999 Millennium Princess  
25. 1999 Millennium Princess Teresa (Brunette)  
26. 1999 Millennium Princess (African American)
27. 2000 Celebration Barbie  
28. 2000 Celebration Barbie (African American)
29. 2000 Celebration Teresa Barbie (Brunette)
30. 2001 Celebration Barbie 

31. 2001 Celebration Barbie (African American)
32. 2002 Holiday Celebration Barbie  
33. 2002 Holiday Celebration Barbie (African American)
34. 2003 Holiday Visions - Winter Fantasy  
35. 2003 Holiday Visions - Winter Fantasy (African American)
36. 2004 Holiday Barbie (Green Dress)  

37. 2004 Holiday Barbie (Green Dress, African American) 
38. 2004 Holiday Barbie (Rose Color Dress)  
39. 2004 Holiday Barbie (Rose Color, African American Dress)

40. 2005 Holiday Barbie (Mauve Dress) 
41. 2005 Holiday Barbie (Green Dress)  
42. 2005 Holiday Barbie (Mauve Dress, African American) 
43. 2005 Holiday Barbie (Green Dress, African American)
44. 2006 Holiday Barbie  
45. 2006 Holiday Barbie (African American)

46. 2007 Holiday Barbie
47. 2007 Holiday Barbie (African American)

48. 2008 Holiday Barbie  
49. 2008 Holiday Barbie (African American)
50. 2009 Holiday Barbie
51. 2009 Holiday Barbie (African American)

52. 2010 Holiday Barbie
53. 2010 Holiday Barbie (w/necklace)  
54. 2010 Holiday Barbie (African American)  
55. 2010 Holiday Barbie (w/necklace, African American)
56. 2011 Holiday Barbie
57. 2011 Holiday Barbie (African American)  
58. 2011 Holiday Barbie (w/necklace)  
59. 2011 Holiday Barbie (w/necklace, African American)
60. 2012 Holiday Barbie  

61. 2012 Holiday Barbie (Brunette)  
62. 2012 Holiday Barbie (African American)

63. 2013 Holiday Barbie  
64. 2013 Holiday Barbie (Auburn)  
65. 2013 Holiday Barbie (African American)
66. 2013 Holiday Barbie (w/ornament)
67. 2013 Holiday Barbie (w/ornament African American)

68. 2014 Holiday Barbie  

69. 2014 Holiday Barbie (Brunette)  
70. 2014 Holiday Barbie (African American)
71. 2014 Holiday Barbie   (w/ornament)
72. 2014 Holiday Barbie (w/ ornament African American)

73.  2015 Holiday Barbie
74. 2015 Holiday Barbie (African American)
75. 2015 Holiday Barbie (Auburn)

76. 2016 Holiday Barbie
77. 2016 Holiday Barbie (African American)
78. 2016 Holiday Barbie (Latina)
79. 2016 Holiday Barbie (Red Hair)

Once this collection is complete, I also plan on collecting one of each OUT of Box to place on display in front of each of the ones IN the box.
And, I also plan on collecting the Hallmark Ornament for each from 1988 to 2015 
(Hallmark ended their contract in 2012, however the Ornaments are still being made and sold -although they may not be Hallmark, they do represent the Holiday Barbie series!)


  1. I was cleaning out a house and with the owners permission he said I could have whatever was left. I came across 7 barbies still in the box 2000 Barbie,2001 holiday celebration Barbie,2000 special celebration Barbie,sleeping beauty Barbie,Diva gone platinum barbiemillinnium princess and holiday celebration barbie2002, I don't want these dolls I'd like them to go to a good home, do you know anyone who would be interested in taking these off my hands, the dolls look to be in excellent condition the boxes are a little dusty but they have never been out of the box. Can u help?

    1. Do you still have Holiday 2002?

    2. Yes, I do have the 2002 Holiday Celebration :)

  2. Well, I know I just recently acquired the celebration 2002 and 2001 Barbies myself or I would be happy to purchase them from you, but I don't know anyone personally who may be interested in my area.

    However, don't let that discourage you :) I would actually recommend listing them on eBay. I know it can be very unsettling selling things online, but honestly you will get the best money from them there :) Even if you're just looking to get rid of them, you can sell them for just the shipping costs and people will eat them up. They're actually still extremely popular, especially on eBay. When doing auctions I still compete with a lot of other collectors trying to grab these dolls so there are plenty still looking to have these! :)
    Even better, eBay helps with the shipping costs... so rather then paying a fortune at your local post office, eBay can give you a shipping label in seconds for a much lower cost and if you're unsure what shipping will cost, they have a section where they can figure it out for you by the person's area :)

    To give you an idea of how to list it, here is my listing for my extra 2013 Auburn Hair Holiday Barbies:

    For the shipping, I chose the calculated shipping, where eBay decides how much the shipping label will cost, it makes everything worry free and then all you have to do is list the Barbie and take a few pictures.
    Just be honest in your description and I promise it will sell :) I see people able to sell even broken up Barbies, even just their heads and they do well surprisingly :)

    Good luck!

  3. I have a number of Caucasian Holiday Barbies that I am looking to sell. If memory serves, I have every Barbie from 1991 until now. If you are interested, please email me at with your updated wish list and I will let me know if I can assist. PQ

  4. I have a few of the ones ur looking for. Mint condition never opened. Please if ur interested email me back at or text me at 6234148145. Need the cash. Sure sale.

  5. I have the 1997 Brunette Holiday Barbie

  6. If you are still in need of the 1997 Brunette Holiday Barbie you can contact me at, thanks!

  7. Thank you all for your offers, I very much appreciated it :)

    However we ourselves have been hurting for funds as this winter has drained us dry.
    We will be resuming our search for the Holiday Barbies as soon as the sun comes back out and this weather goes back to normal, or at least gets to a decent temperature where we can turn off the furnaces :)

  8. If you're back to searching and still need the 2004 Holiday green dress or the 1997 brunette, I have both. You can contact me at if interested. Also I have a couple other non holiday special editions and a bunch of ornaments.

  9. I have the 2007 and 2008 holiday barbie email me at :)

  10. I have the 1997 brunette barbie. contact me at MIB

  11. We have several Barbies from 1998 to 2009. They belonged to my husband's mother, and she is gone now. We also have Lady Diana and Scarlett O'Hara in the red dress. You may contact us at:

  12. I have several holiday barbies that I am willing to sell. I have some that are already scratched out but if anyone wants to know what I have contact me The ones that arent scratched off, i have numbers 12,19,21,23,30,36,40,48,56.

  13. I have the complete set of white Christmas Barbies. They are mint, what is your offer?

  14. I have all the barbies you are looking for. I also have all the holiday barbies from 1989 to 2005 all still in boxes. I have over 100 collector series barbies too still in boxes. I have all the holiday barbie ornaments still in the boxes too. If anyone is interested please text me (636) 692-8488 or email me

  15. I have a number of Barbie's if anyone is interested. Holiday Barbie's 97,96,95,93, and 90. All Barbie's are in there box but one or two have damaged boxes. Other Barbie I have Scarlett O’Hara (Green Drapery Dress), Midnight Princess, Wedding Day vintage reproduction (blond), the Sugar Plum Fairy, Cinderella, Starlight Dance, Little Bo Peep. All Barbie's have there box. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of these Barbie's I will send you pictures. Please e mail me at

  16. i have 89 90 91 Holiday Barbie Never Removed From Box (NRFB) Damaged Box plus more email me at

  17. Hi, I have #15, 17, 21 (in gold box), and 23. Willing to sell for $130 plus tax and shipping. All are NRFB, but #17 has some damage to the plastic. Willing to negotiate. Please contact me if interested. I can provide detailed pictures by request.

  18. Hi I have 2 full sets 1995-2005 and 1988-2005 both sets Mint Condition; in original boxes; never removed from boxes; in a non-smoking environment. Please send me an email if interest or more information including pictures.

  19. Hi - the full sets mentioned above are Holiday Barbies

  20. I have a 2008 Caucasian Holiday Barbie. Never been opened.

  21. I have the 1990 African American Holiday Barbie. Mint condition, never opened. Box in almost perfect condition. (Ex: very small to unnoticeable scratch or nick from normal moving wear.

  22. I have the 1990 African American Holiday Barbie. Mint condition, never opened. Box in almost perfect condition. (Ex: very small to unnoticeable scratch or nick from normal moving wear.

  23. I have quite a few of the dolls on this list...that is if this page is still updated. Which fools are you missing? And what conditions Do you want them in, and how much are you willing to pay for them?

  24. I have the 2001 holiday celebration barbie in mint condition box. Would anybody be willing to buy?

  25. I have the 1995 and 1994 Special Edition Victorian Elegance Barbie, in box and good condition never removed. I also have a 1996 Limited Edition Winter Princess Jewel Barbie up for sale please feel free to contact me also in box never removed

  26. If you are still in need of #26, I have one I'm looking to sell. New in Box, Mint Condition, never been open.
    Contact me via email at :)


  27. If you are still in need of #26, I have one I'm looking to sell. New in Box, Mint Condition, never been open.
    Contact me via email at :)



    Pictures of the collection I have can be found here. From mint in box to no box but still in great condition. All offers considered.

  29. I have a couple of barbies that you do not have scratched out yet. They are all in mint condition. Please contact me at if you're still interested as I am trying to clear out some closet space and could use the extra cash.

  30. I have 1991-1994 Barbie Happy Holidays , 1991 and 1992 I would say the box is perfect never opened. 1993 and 1994 are mint condition. I need to sell this ASAP . Anyone interested

  31. I meant not Perfect . But never opened

  32. Please contact me . These Barbies need a new home thank you !

  33. I have holiday collection barbies in box never opened. I have from 1989 to 2013. I am missing 1988 and 2003 if interested my email is: I also have 1 dolls of the world (mexico)and a 2003 halmark barbie ornament

  34. I have 1988 thru 1998 Holiday Barbie Collection...Never removed from BOX! Pristine condition! All Blonde. Please email me at if anyone is interested.

  35. I have 20 Holiday Barbies 1988 thru 2000 never removed from boxes. If interested please email me at

  36. I have some of the Barbies you are looking for as well if you are still interested in buying. I have 1998 through 2005. I have the 1988 but it was my first and I opened it up. I still have it in the box but the box is damaged slightly and I think I will plan to keep that one. You can e-mail me at I am located in NC.

    1. I have the following NRFB in Mint Condition: 30, 36 & 40 if you are interested. Thank you.

  37. I have 20 Holiday Collection Barbies every year from 1995-2015. They are all still in boxes. Most of them are undamaged boxes but over the years with moving, some have been a little damaged. Let me know what you want!

  38. I have 2001 and 2004 Holiday Barbies still in the box in good condition plus a few more. Let me know if you are interested. AF

  39. Hello All, I have both African holiday barbies and white holiday barbies from 1989/90 thru 2000. All have been kept in tubs in a climate controlled area.
    mint condition ... NIB contact wanting to sale all

  40. Hello! I have several of the dolls still missing on your list! Including two of the collectible ornaments from 96 and 97 I have the brunette 97 early release with the gold background the 2001 celebration 2004 green dress and 2005 green dress! All of mine are mint never been opened! Email me if you are interested!

  41. Are you paying the prices on the next page for the barbies you need?
    I also have a full set of Hallmark ornaments.
    contact me

  42. I have several of the barbies you don't have. Email me at

  43. I have several of the barbies you don't have. Email me at

  44. I have 1988-2013 (excluding 1989) holiday Barbie's. All are mint in the box (excluding 1988 the box has been open but the Barbie was not removed) If anyone is interested please E-mail me at

  45. I have the set from 1988-2013, including the Hallmark ornament in most cases. See my listing for complete details:

  46. Would you happen to need a Magical Holidays blond Barbie special edition?

  47. Ha... had to chuckle ... that was our intention too when I first started the collection as they came out. Now my daughter is 35 with babies of her own... and starting on her second degree (law) after 10 years as a civil engineer. As she went off to college she told be to not sell her Barbies. Now she doesn't want them even for her 2y.o. daughter. And she definitely doesn't want to wait until she can choose. Oh well. Will be putting these pretty babies out on a yard sale this weekend. (10/8/2016)

    I have 1988- 1995 (considering keeping 1988 just on principal..but can be negotiated).
    From the list above I have 1994 African Am.

    The others are Caucasian.
    Most are NRFB/Mint condition
    2 1989 dolls - one box the bottom has become separate from box- old glue
    1991 there's a crack in the plastic face of the box.
    1995's box has the closure tabs separating from the back- glue has aged and lost its stick
    email me at

  48. Is this site still maintained? I too have a lot of dolls that my sister used to collect until she passed away. My parents asked me to help sell them. Please let me know if you are interested.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister, yes this site is still managed by me

  49. I have a lot of holiday barbies for sale along with ornaments and puzzles and collector plates. I have a few that you still need in the list above. Are you sill collecting them?

  50. I am collecting them still, but due to a few unexpected events I've had to postpone my search for a short while until I get things back in order. Thank you though!

  51. I have the 1988 special edition unopened box in good condition. Where can I sell it

  52. My email is email me if you can help me sell my Barbies and the 1988 special edition

  53. I have some of the Barbies you are looking for that are listed on your "Happy Holidays Barbie Checklist". You can email me at

  54. I have some of the barbies from your list if you are still looking for them. Numbers 30, 36, 40 & 48. All never been out of box. Email me if you are still looking for them.

  55. Not sure if you’re still looking. Let me know. I have some.