Saturday, October 5, 2013


 photo 1997BlondeWon_zpscf08c632.jpg
This 1997 Blonde Holiday Barbie is one I've been watching for a long long time...

This Barbie was only released to 'Barbie Club Members' around the time of the Holidays... meaning, unless you paid the fee to join the Barbie Collector Club, you couldn't have this Barbie (unless you bought it from another member, but they would have jacked up the price!).

The only prices I could find for this Barbie were between $100 to $150... however, patience is a great virtue and after months and months of watching, I finally found one for only a fraction of the price!

I am very excited to add this Barbie to my daughter's collection and again, this is a picture of the Barbie was won at auction so I will still have to do my own inspection when it arrives but I'm confident that this Barbie will be in great shape!

Very excited to cross this one off our collection list!!

I'll be posting updates about the inspection of all 3 of our latest Holiday Barbies Barbies!


  1. I have a quick question. My wife and I just went through and cataloged the Barbie collection that her grandmother had collected. We have all 3 version of the 1997 Holiday Barbie, Brunette, Brunette with Gold Background, and the Blond. The thing we are curious about is that our Blond has a picture of a Brunette on the back of the box. I was wondering if yours is like that as well or if ours was put in the wrong box?

  2. Have brunette 1997 barbie. Want to sell. As well as many more all in mint condintion. Never opened. Contact me please need the cash at 6234148145 text only or email at

  3. I apologize for my late response but I just wanted to answer your quetion Kellen, I pulled down my daughter's 1997 Blonde Holiday Barbie and I did notice that it does still show the Brunette on the back cover :)
    This is exactly as it is suppose to be, the biggest clue to checking if you have a genuine Blonde 1997 Holiday Barbie is the gold sun/star sticker on the front. That sticker was only placed on the Blonde version of the 1997 Happy Holidays Barbie :)

    And thank you Jessica for your offer. Right now I am also hurting for finances with this terrible winter we had as I'm sure everyone is feeling the sting of this awful weather we've gone through these past few months, but when this summer finally kicks up and the furnaces can go off (at least until late Fall) we will be once again resuming our search for the full collection of the Holiday Barbies for our daughter :)