Saturday, January 24, 2015

Updates to Holiday Barbie Value List

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As everyone knows, with time comes change.  This is especially true with all items of potential value.  Now that the Holiday Season is over, prices are what people make them because the stores are selling off their last bit of stock to make room for the new year's items.

Fortunately for the common collector looking to make a deal, this is good news for the 2014 Holiday Barbie as the prices have plummeted.  Not so good though for someone who went out and purchased multiple Barbies for after the Holidays to make a quick buck as they'll most likely lose out on making a profit.

The reason for changes in price have to do with a number of things, how many were made, how many were actually bought, if the product was specially shipped, how many years old the series actually is, etc... In this case, the 2014 Holiday Barbie was a hit.  I, myself, bought several variations of it for my daughter's collection so how many others did the same or just purchased it to make it a beautiful addition to their little one's Christmas collection of gifts.  After all, with it's bright red box with golden decoration you wouldn't even feel the need to wrap it before putting it under the tree.

So, after doing a bit of research I went ahead and adjusted the prices on the Barbie Collection Value List that you can access by simply clicking on the tab above.  I also went ahead and checked on the 2012 and 2013 and adjusted it to meet current demand price.

As a reminder, these prices are just estimates based on my own research.  I find these prices by searching common websites for people who are looking to sell their item, or already have and what they sold their Holiday Barbie for.  Based on their sales all over the net I put together this list with the average price I find so people looking for a deal, know what to look for and when they find that perfect price, they know they're not getting ripped off.

For example, if you went looking for a Holiday Barbie 2013 on eBay and found the Auburn K-Mart Exclusive for $80, if you checked my list you'd find with just a little bit more searching you'll find a much better price at half that price, saving you money but delivering the same Mint in Box Holiday Barbie!

So go ahead and check out the updates on the List and feel free to leave me any questions, comments or concerns you have! Have a Wonderful Day!

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