Friday, August 2, 2013


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I've been waiting for this Holiday Barbie ALL YEAR LONG, and then happened upon it by accident!

Not even the Barbie Collector website has this Barbie listed as available as of yet, they don't even have a picture of it!  But it is available at one of the most common stores in America (and no I don't mean Wal-Mart, I mean their competitor with a similar name, GUESS WHO!)

I personally have ordered the classic Blonde AND the EXCLUSIVE (and FIRST) Auburn Hair 2013 Holiday Barbie!!  Personally, I'm using my Birthday this month as the perfect excuse to order these without hesitation and I'm excited to know I'll have them both on my shelf for my daughter in less then 5 days!

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These are the 25th Anniversary Holiday Barbies (The first Happy Holiday's Barbie being released in 1988), dressed beautifully in a sparkling silver dress, covered in glittering snowflakes and placed inside a sleek red box decorated to fit this new Holiday season!

If you can figure out who's selling them (and I practically gave it away to all of you!) grab one while you can!  Being an anniversary Holiday Barbie ensures it's value will be high and the exclusives will fly off the shelves as all other exclusives do too!  These pictures here are of the new Barbie that were presented to me on the store's website, so check out their new beauty!

I'll be updating the collectors list with these new additions as well based on sales I've already been seeing on various websites to give you all an idea of what you're REALLY getting!! (and it's far more then the sticker price, I can assure you of that!)

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