Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2003 Holiday Visions (Winter Fantasy) Barbie - Holiday Barbie found at local Yard Sale!

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I know that I haven't posted here in quite some time, but as stated in previous posts we had to put our collection on hold because of everything that was going on here.

However, it doesn't mean that we haven't stopped looking for these Barbies, and through that causal browsing, we came across a chance find that just proves that as long as you keep your eyes open, you can still find these Holiday Barbies anywhere!

Since we have a new baby due in August and Memorial Day has come and went, the big thing has been Yard Sales, Yard Sales and more Yard Sales (and of course Garage Sales!). 

The saying is true - "One person's trash is another person's treasure!"

You never know what you're going to find at a Yard Sale, but I will tell you the best time to look for them is on the Weekends (Friday Thru Sunday) starting at 8:00am!

There are those select few yard sales that begin at 9 and 10am, but if you want to get the good stuff, you want to make sure you are awake, out the door and at THEIR yard sale by 8am!

You can find yard sales in the paper, advertised on facebook or simply driving around!

Our sole purpose that day was to look for baby items for our new arrival, but while we were searching we came across a yard sale where in front of us stood a 2003 Holiday Visions Barbie, still perfectly preserved in her box!

These are the best kinds of finds because the reason someone's starting a yard sale is to make money and clear up some space in their own home.  They don't know when they're going to get another potential buyer, so you can haggle with them (unless they already have a low low offer that you can't refuse!).

Now, I was in the mood to haggle that day, but when a perfect - mint in box -2003 Holiday Visions Barbie is staring me in the face, and the woman selling it is only asking for $10,  I'm going to give her the $10 because that is a DEAL!

So remember to keep your eyes open during your yard sale searches because you might come across a Holiday Barbie that you're looking for, and again these are the best kind because you can PHYSICALLY inspect that Barbie!  Unlike eBay, where all you have to go by are pictures and the seller's word, you can actually LOOK at this Barbie and see if it's worth the actually price that it's labelled and even if it isn't, you can still haggle with them if it's still in great shape to be worthy for your shelf at home!

We can now cross this one off our list as collected!

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Thank you all for reading!

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