Sunday, February 3, 2013

1989 Holiday Barbie - Found with Clear Plastic!

 photo 1989_zps337c6304.jpg
If anyone has an old item that was in-cased in that clear plastic box, such as a Holiday Barbie, then they know the plastic eventually turns yellow with age.

The reason behind the aging of the plastic can be a number of things, but smoking tends to be a big one.  Just like smoke turns the skin yellow on fingers, it also yellows anything clear or white around it over the years.  There are other factors but smoking tends to be the most common cause.  This makes it very difficult to find a clean cased old Holiday Barbie.

1989 ones tend to be the hardest to find in a clear case as it's the second released in the series so many just bought it to keep and sell later on, but didn't know how to really take care of it.

While browsing around, I located one to add to Aeris's collection and was quite surprised to find it for the price it was and in a nice clear clean box.  This one got lucky, it was meant for a child who was never really interested in it so it ended up going into a closet for the last two decades.  That closet shielded it from all the elements and kept it as clean as the day it was bought!

Couldn't have asked for a better condition!

Now Aeris has 1988, 1989 and 1990... so the next one will be the 1991 that we need!

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