Thursday, February 7, 2013

1991 Happy Holidays Barbie!

 photo 1991_zps70b44722.jpg 

This one we are being given as more of a gift due to some damage done to another Barbie we received.  At first I was disappointed about the damaged Barbie, but after examining the box, it was obvious it wasn't the seller's fault, it was the shipping service.  Someone must have decided to use the box as a seat, or a stepping stool, either way, it got crushed.

It's still salvable however and after speaking with the seller, they have offered to just send us the 1991 Holiday Barbie they have, Mint in her box like all the others for no additional cost.

I call that a win-win! (as I was afraid it was going to be a lose-lose because sending it back would have cost me more out of pocket!)

This means my daughter only needs the 1999 (The 1999 Millennium Princess) and she will have the full collection ( at least one from each year) of the 90s!

This is a big accomplishment!

Now our main focus will be retrieving the 1999 and at least one of each year for the 2000's era!  My daughter's room is becoming full of shelves of beautiful Holiday Barbies and it's quite exciting to watch her collection grow!


  1. i am over 30 and a mother of 4 and since 1991 I have been collecting Holiday Barbies and love it! I look forward every year to receiving it on my birthday. It has become a tradition that every year the week of my birthday my girls wait very impatiently to see who will get the first glimpse of the newest addition to our collection. As of now I am only missing the first 3 of the set. I have 1 (my very first) that is out of the box. The rest of my collection in is the box, and in mint condition! This is something that I hope will forever be a tradition for my girls. Selling isn't an option at this point, but you never know what the future holds. In the mean time we will do as we do every year on my birthday, and pull out each one to remember a little bit about the past years...Best collection I ever got started with!

  2. It is amazing having the ability to share our past with our children :)
    As a child, I was brought up in the era of Beanie Babies, and although I loved Barbies and we did receive the Holiday Barbies, I did not realize the value of them at the time I received them, and neither did my little sister... so when I would try and keep them mint in their box, my sister would jump at the chance to 'set them free' :)
    Now my daughter plays with the Holiday Barbies that I once had and can also admire the ones we are collecting for her.
    I personally enjoy when we receive a new Barbie to add to the collection and my daughter gives the same ecstatic expression that I once had. It's like reliving that moment all over again. :)