Friday, February 1, 2013

The Collection!

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This collection of Happy Holiday Barbies isn't as simple as starting at 1988 and going up, collecting one for each year.

There are actually MANY varieties for each year, including an African American Barbie, and sometimes a Brunette. There are also the occasional Holiday Barbies with little accessories, such as an Ornament or Necklace!

So this is my personal check-list of all Happy Holiday Barbies that I know of so far!

1. 1988 Barbie Happy Holiday Special Edition

2. 1989 Happy Holiday Barbie

3. 1990 Happy Holiday Barbie  
4. 1990 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)

5. 1991 Happy Holiday Barbie  
6. 1991 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)

7. 1992 Happy Holiday Barbie

8. 1992 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)

9. 1993 Happy Holiday Barbie  
10. 1993 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)

11. 1994 Happy Holiday Barbie  
12. 1994 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)

13. 1995 Happy Holiday Barbie  
14. 1995 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)

15. 1996 Happy Holiday Barbie 
  16. 1996 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)

17. 1997 Happy Holiday Barbie (Blonde)
18. 1997 Happy Holiday Barbie (Brunette)
19. 1997 Happy Holiday Barbie (Brunette w/GOLD Background)
20. 1997 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)

21. 1998 Happy Holiday Barbie
22. 1998 Happy Holiday Barbie (African American)

23. 1999 Millennium Princess  
24. 1999 Millennium Princess Teresa (Brunette)
25. 1999 Millennium Princess (African American)

26. 2000 Celebration Barbie  
27. 2000 Celebration Barbie (African American)

28. 2001 Celebration Barbie  
29. 2001 Celebration Barbie (African American)

30. 2002 Holiday Celebration Barbie  
31. 2002 Holiday Celebration Barbie (African American)

32. 2003 Winter Fantasy  
33. 2003 Winter Fantasy (African American)

34. 2004 Holiday Barbie (Green Dress)  
35. 2004 Holiday Barbie (Green Dress, African American) 
36. 2004 Holiday Barbie (Rose Color Dress)  
37. 2004 Holiday Barbie (Rose Color, African American Dress)

38. 2005 Holiday Barbie (Mauve Dress)
39. 2005 Holiday Barbie (Green Dress)  
40. 2005 Holiday Barbie (Mauve Dress, African American)
41. 2005 Holiday Barbie (Green Dress, African American)

42. 2006 Holiday Barbie
43. 2006 Holiday Barbie (African American)

44. 2007 Holiday Barbie
45. 2007 Holiday Barbie (African American)

46. 2008 Holiday Barbie  
47. 2008 Holiday Barbie (African American)

48. 2009 Holiday Barbie  
49. 2009 Holiday Barbie (African American)

50. 2010 Holiday Barbie
51. 2010 Holiday Barbie (w/necklace)
52. 2010 Holiday Barbie (African American)  
53. 2010 Holiday Barbie (w/necklace, African American)

54. 2011 Holiday Barbie
 55. 2011 Holiday Barbie (African American) 
56. 2011 Holiday Barbie (w/necklace)  
57. 2011 Holiday Barbie (w/necklace, African American)

58. 2012 Holiday Barbie  
59. 2012 Holiday Barbie (Brunette)  
60. 2012 Holiday Barbie (African American)

As the years go on, this list will get bigger with each New Barbie added.
The ending goal is to collect them all until my daughter's graduation day.
If you're curious as to know the value of this collection, let me give you an idea of what to expect.
If you were to have just a single Barbie from each year (preferably a blonde with the exception of 1997 )  all within their boxes, that overall collection would sell for between $10,000 to $15,000!!!
So why so much?  Very simple, it's the FULL collection.  Even if it's missing all the extra barbies, like the ones with the necklaces or the brunettes, it's still considered a full collection, which makes it's value skyrocket!
So FYI:  If you go out looking to buy a Barbie for your collection, do not buy a collection already collected!  Buying them individually will save you a lot more money and then once you have the collection, you'll be able to get a lot back then you ever could have expected to get before!
Next I'll be going into how to Monitor your spending!!

I know I was eager to jump right in and start collecting, but you don't want to go broke doing it, so I'm going to go into a few ways to help 'control' yourself!

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