Friday, February 1, 2013

1997 Happy Holidays Barbie with Gold Background

 photo 1997gold_zps60b3ff48.jpg
The next day we received our second Barbie of the collection.

Unfortunately, this one came with a small crack within the crease of the front of the box.

I was disappointed, but I did add it to my daughter's starting collection and then contacted the eBay seller I had purchased it from.  It seems the the item might have been damaged in the shipment, but at the same time, even though the seller didn't damage the item, it was still his responsibility that it was shipped in a way to prevent this from happening.

Items that are just dumped in a box without padding are at risk for damage.  Without something to keep it in place, or padded on top to avoid other boxes from crushing it, it's almost guaranteed to be damaged when it arrives.

Thankfully though, this seller was reasonable once I reported the damage.  He immediately refunded the amount and even stated we could just keep the Barbie rather then return it.  This was good news to my daughter as she was excited to add her second Barbie to her collection.

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