Friday, February 1, 2013

2007 Blonde Holiday Barbie

 photo 2007_zps130dc66a.jpg
I was excited about this one as I hadn't really paid much thought to the 2000 Barbies before.  The 1998 and 1997 I had owned myself though when I was a child so it was like reliving my own childhood receiving them.

This box was very different from the 98 and 97 boxes, however it arrived heavily damaged to my dismay.

At first glance it might even look as if it'd been open before!  That was a huge no-no on my book and I immediately contacted the seller about it.

They reported back to me that it'd never been open, however it had been tucked away in storage for a long time, not looked after properly and it caused the damages.  Within hesitation after that message, they also refunded the money and offered me for me to keep the barbie as well, (as it would have cost them just as much to have it shipped back to them instead).

So in the end, it ended up right up on the shelf next to the 97 and 98 Barbies

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