Saturday, February 2, 2013

Beginning of the Month - New Listings from ME to help fund my daughter's Barbie Collection!!

 photo 20130105_143725_zps513e9e32.jpg 
It's the beginning of the new month!! And since it's the beginning of the month again, I've gone and listed more of my OWN items to sell!!

If anyone's looking to purchase new clothes for themselves for a cheap price, please have a look right here!
 I also sell Cell phone cases for Samsung Galaxy S3's and Iphone 4's!!

Everything earned here goes directly into funding my daughter's collection so when you're placing a bid for any of my items, remember, you're helping my daughter purchase another Holiday Barbie, and in turn, helping to fund her college education and we both appreciate it very much!

Please check out my listings here!!  We thank you all again!!

Click HERE to View my items!!!

 photo all_zpse4d8fdd6.jpg photo 1112_zps8b4af162.jpg photo Main3_zps97180121.jpg
 photo 20130105_143725_zps513e9e32.jpg photo 20130105_143341_zpsd296da27.jpg photo 20130105_141639_zpsc4505f4f.jpg

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