Saturday, February 2, 2013

1994 Blonde Holiday Barbie

 photo 1994_zps6630d3d8.jpg 
This one I've been dancing around for the last few weeks...

I've been waiting to see what would happen with this one, if anything would pan out and if anyone would bid on it, but to my surprise, no one did, so I decided to go for it an put a bid in and see what happens...

And this morning, I won!  Just like the 2006, there was only a $3 shipping attached to it as well and I actually received it for less then $10.  Anywhere else I've looked, the shipping is at LEAST that price alone, and the actually cost runs between $25 to $40, making the total cost come to $35 to $50 in most auctions, so I count this one as a very successful win!

However, can't help but cringe at looking at her.

There's always ONE piece in a collection that no one likes, including the collector, but it's part of the collection and without it, it wouldn't be complete so you have to suck it up and deal with that piece!  This is going to be that piece.

I think it's the colors that really make me wince the most... that clash of Gold on Green, it just looks like a terrible combo to me.  But, at least this painful part of her collection will be over with and we can add her to my daughter's collection and move on to the rest of the list!

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