Friday, February 1, 2013

1998 Happy Holidays Blonde Barbie - First of the Collection

 photo 1998_zps2e93bd0d.jpg
This was the first Barbie I was able to collect for my daughter.

After purchasing a Cherrywood Shelf and some iron brackets, I sat down with my daughter and showed her the very first Happy Holidays Barbie and explained to her what her collection would be.

She is only 6 years old, but this one barbie will one day to go towards paying for her college degree.

Most children get excited to see such a pretty doll and are eager to pull it out of the box to play, but my girl quietly listened as I explained how 'special' this Barbie was and how important it was that she take care of her.

She took this as a type of challenge and she took it with such pride.  She gladly watched as I placed her Barbie high on the shelf and began to tell her friends at school how she had a 'special' barbie and how she needed to protect it from any harm.

She looked so proud of herself to go around to her friends and our family and tell us all that this Barbie would pay for her college one day and how it was worth quite a bit of money inside it's box rather then outside.

I cannot tell you how proud I felt of my daughter's ability to resist temptation to open that box.  It now sits on her shelf above her bed and she guards it as the most important thing she owns, even more important then her Leap Pad 2.

I can see this as the perfect beginning of her collection!

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